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A Tax Credit for Churches?
Potentially thousands of dollars available from health care provision.
Should the Jobless Tithe on Their Unemployment Benefits?
Three Christian leaders weigh in on a difficult giving question.
Handling Online Activities with Care
Tips every church office should post for email and Internet use.
Can We Amend the Pastor's Housing Allowance?
A change is allowed, but note one important limitation.
Wandering Church Assets
How best to track church laptops, power adapters, and other moving items
Renting Out Extra Space May Cost Churches
One Idaho church receives an unexpected tax bill.
Drafting a Conditional Agreement for a Sex Offender
Some tips churches should note before implementing a plan.
New Crib Regulations Affect Churches
What ministries should note about changing federal rules.
Churches: Get Your I-9s in Order!
Feds cracking down on employers' immigration records
Who Owns a Pastor's Sermons?
Most clergy are shocked when they learn the answer.
Surge in Copper Theft Continues for Churches
Air conditioners are being destroyed and stolen
Six Steps for Handling Fraud
What to do when your church has been embezzled.
Cyber Crime: Coming to a Church Near You?
Hackers steal $680,000 from Iowa church.
The Top Three Reasons Fraud Happens at Church
And what you can do to prevent it
Letters to Potential Donors of Mission Trips
Wording is more important than you might think.



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Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures Member access only

Learn how to establish check-in procedures that keep children safe.
Using Social Media Safely

Using Social Media Safely Member access only

Policies to keep your church staff and members safe when using social media.