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September 2001
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Feature Article

What Church Treasurers Should Know About Gifts of Stock (Part 2) Member access only

Churches and donors need to know the applicable tax rules.


FTC Lists Common Scams Member access only

These scams are promoted via mail and email.

Giving to One's Church After Declaring Bankruptcy Member access only

Bankrupt donors can use disposable income for tithing provided requirements are met.

Backup Withholding Policies for Workers Who Do Not Disclose Social Security Numbers Member access only

New tax law changes withholding rate after August 6, 2001.

Withholding Construction Payments Due to Poor Workmanship May Be Illegal Member access only

Withholding funds in excess of the cost of repairs is "unlawful," court concludes.

Tax Court Addresses Substantiation of Car Expenses Member access only

Treasurers should be aware of strict substantiation requirements.



Let ChurchSalary do the work. Get personalized compensation reports for staff and pastors.

Essential Guide to Liabilities and Duties for Church Boards

Essential Guide to Liabilities and Duties for Church Boards Member access only

Be aware of ways you can expose yourself to personal legal liability.
Church Fundraising Campaigns

Church Fundraising Campaigns Member access only

Discover tips on raising and borrowing money.