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Ten Ways to Avoid Common Tax Mistakes

Ten tips for taxpayers.

The IRS is urging taxpayers to review their tax returns for common errors that could delay the processing of their return and refund. Here are ten ways to avoid common tax return errors:

  1. File electronically. If you choose to e-file, many of the common errors are avoided or corrected by the computer software. If your income is under $52,000, you may be able to e-file for free using IRS Free File.
  2. Use the peel-off label if you choose to mail a paper return. You may line through and make necessary corrections right on the label. Be sure to fill in your Social Security number in the box provided on the return. If you do not have a peel-off label, fill in all requested information clearly, including the Social Security numbers.
  3. Check only one filing status on the tax return and check the appropriate exemption boxes. Enter the correct Social Security numbers for each of those exemptions.

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