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Common Mistakes in Tax Returns

IRS notice lists several common mistakes taxpayers make in their returns.

Notice 2007-35, I.R.B. 2007-15, March 26, 2007.

[ Code Sec. 6011]

The IRS has identified common errors made by individuals when preparing their tax returns. The mistakes may result in taxpayers failing to fully pay tax liabilities and delays in processing returns and receiving refunds. Taxpayers are advised to read all instructions that accompany the forms and schedules and to fully review all portions of their returns. Mistakes identified by the IRS include: failing to select proper filing status; failing to include or using incorrect Social Security numbers; failing to use correct forms and schedules; failing to sign and date the return; claiming ineligible dependents; failing to file for or improperly claiming the earned income credit; failing to report and pay domestic payroll taxes; failing to report income because it was not included on an information return; treating employees ...

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