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Protecting Sensitive Data

How copiers make churches vulnerable—and what to do about it.

Many church employees were stunned by media revelations earlier this year that copiers made since 2002 have an internal hard drive that stores images of everything copied on that machine, and that when a copier is sold or returned to a vendor at the end of a lease, all of these images go with it! In many cases, used copiers end up in other countries where the contents of hard drives can easily be extracted and exploited. Many employees in this country have had their personal identity stolen by this means.

Think of some of the highly confidential information copied on the typical church copy machine:

  • confidential and personal correspondence;
  • board minutes;
  • minutes of the board acting in "executive session" (i.e., in secret);
  • Social Security numbers of employees found on various tax forms;
  • driver's license numbers;
  • church credit card numbers;
  • employee credit card numbers;
  • church bank account numbers;

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