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January 2015
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Feature Article

2014 Health Insurance Was Required

2014 Health Insurance Was Required Subscriber access only

No insurance last year? It’s time to pay up.


Consumer Insurance Protections Subscriber access only

Note these important benefits.

The Postponed "Play or Pay" Subscriber access only

Starting in 2015, some large employers will have to pay penalties for not providing health insurance to employees.

Affordable Care Act Benefits Subscriber access only

Improving quality and lowering costs.

Increased Access to Care Subscriber access only

The Medicaid expansion.

Small Business Health Insurance Credits Subscriber access only

Churches with fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees may benefit from providing health insurance.
Individuals without Insurance after the Affordable Care Act Could Pay Big

Individuals without Insurance after the Affordable Care Act Could Pay Big

Individuals without insurance could end up paying...

Receive a customized salary report for up to 18 different ministry positions. Learn how your church should compensate based on size, budget, location, and employee work experience.

Creating a Disaster Preparation and Response Plan

Creating a Disaster Preparation and Response Plan Subscriber access only

Learn the steps you can take now so you are ready to respond if a crisis unfolds.
Dealing with Dangerous People

Dealing with Dangerous People Subscriber access only

This resource goes through safety measures to ward off dangerous individuals from entering your church.