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April 2016
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Feature Article

Finding the Best Approach to a Budget Calendar

Finding the Best Approach to a Budget Calendar Subscriber access only

Investigating the pros and cons of a fiscal year.


Tax Calendar

Tax Calendar

Important deadlines for churches and ministers

April 30, 2016

Churches having nonminister employees (or one or more ministers who report their federal income taxes as employees and who have elected voluntary withholding) ...

April 29, 2016

Churches hiring their first nonminister employee between January 1 and March 31, 2016, may exempt themselves from the employer's share of Social Security ...

April 15, 2016

• Federal income tax and self-employment tax returns by individuals for calendar year 2015 are due by this date.

• Last day to file an amended ...



Experience a whole new way to set compensation. Eliminate the guesswork – get access to detailed compensation reports in just minutes.

Church Board Guide to Developing a Risk Management Strategy

Church Board Guide to Developing a Risk Management Strategy Subscriber access only

Learn why it is essential your church develop a risk management strategy and how to implement the strategy in your church.
Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures Subscriber access only

Learn how to establish check-in procedures that keep children safe.