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January 2016
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Feature Article

Key 2016 ACA Updates

Key 2016 ACA Updates Member access only

What churches must know about employer reporting requirements, premium reimbursements.


The Five Cs of Credit in Church Mortgage Financing

The Five Cs of Credit in Church Mortgage Financing Member access only

What to consider before seeking a loan for property acquisitions or building projects.
Tax Calendar

Tax Calendar

Important deadlines for churches and ministers

January 30, 2016

• Churches hiring their first nonminister employee between October 1 and December 31, 2015, may exempt themselves from the employer's share of Social ...

January 15, 2016

• Ministers (who have not elected voluntary withholding) and self-employed workers must file their fourth quarterly estimated federal tax payment ...

January 1, 2016

• Employees and employers each pay Social Security and Medicare taxes equal to 7.65 percent of an employee's wages. The tax rate does not ...

The Christian Money Mindset

The Christian Money Mindset

How some believers regard the purpose of acquiring money and achieving financial security.



Experience a whole new way to set compensation. Eliminate the guesswork – get access to detailed compensation reports in just minutes.

Pastor, Church & Law, Fifth Edition

Pastor, Church & Law, Fifth Edition Member access only

Learn which local, state, and federal laws apply to religious organizations.
Planning a Church Building Project

Planning a Church Building Project Member access only

Learn about zoning laws, property sales, church construction, financing, and more.