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Age Discrimination in Church-Run Schools

Court rules that a school's rights were not violated in an investigation of discrimination.


• A Wisconsin state appeals court ruled that a church school's constitutional rights were not violated when a state equal rights agency conducted a hearing on the age discrimination complaint of a former teacher. The teacher's contract was not renewed following 16 years of service as the school's third grade teacher. She was 56 years of age at the time of the school's decision not to renew her contract. She filed a complaint with a state equal rights agency, alleging that the school's decision was based on age and therefore violated state law. The school denied that age was the reason for its decision and cited problems with her classroom management, her professionalism, and her maintenance of a "prayerful environment." A state investigator concluded that there was "probable cause" to believe age discrimination existed. This conclusion was based on an excellent evaluation that the teacher ...

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