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Church Law & Tax Report

November/December 1991
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Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar
Charitable Contributions; Officers, Directors, and Trustees

Tax Court Denies Deductions for Alleged Contributions Member access only

A church trustee's deductions were denied.
Child Abuse

Religious Conversion of Child Abusers Member access only

A court refused to suspend a man's sentence on the basis of his religious conversion.
Church Property

D.C. Statute Jeopardizes Churches' Tax-Exempt Status Member access only

A court recently upheld this statute.
Multi StateNew York

Print Shop Violates Copyright Law Member access only

Be sure to understand the "fair use" law before copying materials.
Defamation; Employment Practices

Defamation and Employer References Member access only

Talk with an attorney before making potentially defamatory statements about former employees.

Church-Run Schools and the Equal Pay Act Member access only

An Ohio court ruled that a church-operated school is subject to the Act.
Multi StateFederal
Employment Practices; Fair Labor Standards Acts; Schools

Minimum Wage Law and Private Schools Member access only

A court concluded that the minimum wage law applied to a church-run school.

Employees' Violation of Employer's Moral Teachings Member access only

Is termination on such a basis discrimination?
Freedom of Religion

Accident Victim Refuses Blood Transfusion; Dies Member access only

Her family was not permitted to sue for damages.

Child Custody and Religious Beliefs Member access only

Can a court remove children from a parent on the basis of the parent's religious beliefs?