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January/February 1993
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Recent Developments

Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar
New York

New York Bans Workplace Discrimination for Legal Recreational Activities Subscriber access only

Law includes no discrimination against legal tobacco and alcohol users.

Important Payroll Tax Deposit Changes Subscriber access only

New rules require payroll tax deposits on monthly or semiweekly basis.

Minister Can Have Housing Allowance  Subscriber access only

Decision comes after church failed to official designate allowance.

Michigan Court Dismisses Minister's Breach of Contract Suit Subscriber access only

Courts not allowed to get involved in disputes involving ecclesiastical rule.

Law Requiring Certain Number of Catholic Prison Chaplains Upheld Subscriber access only

California law allows for chaplains to be hired based on number of religious inmates.

No Jurisdiction Over Church Facilities for Kansas Human Rights Commission Subscriber access only

Decision reached in dispute over church-operated child care.

Baccalaureate Services Permitted at Public High School Subscriber access only

Alabama court rules in favor of church.

School Facilities as Open Forums Subscriber access only

Court favors religious group previously denied use of a public school building.

Background Check Required for California Public Recreation Employees  Subscriber access only

Law applies to those in direct contact with minors.
Charitable Contributions

Deductibility of Designated Contributions Subscriber access only

IRS says contributions meant for specific individuals aren't deductible.

Bill Would Require Summary of Government's Financial Health Subscriber access only

Bill will likely be reintroduced next session.

Mother's Religion No Excuse for Child Abuse, Court Rules Subscriber access only

Father awarded custody in court case.

No Extension of Statute of Limitations in Molestation Case Subscriber access only

Court rejects "discovery" argument in decision.

Parochial School Allowed to Deny Renewal of Teacher's Contract Subscriber access only

Massachusetts court sides with school in employment suit.



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Essential Guide to Children's Ministry Safety

Essential Guide to Children's Ministry Safety Subscriber access only

Understand and implement best practices to protect kids in your ministry.
Protecting Your Tax-Exempt Status

Protecting Your Tax-Exempt Status Subscriber access only

Understand the requirements of your tax-exempt status.