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Church Law & Tax Report

May/June 1995
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Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar

Court Denies Lawsuit Regarding Potential STDs Member access only

No evidence that husband's girlfriend suffered from any sexually transmitted disease.

Housing Allowances for Parachurch Leaders Member access only

Court rules in favor of a minister working as leader of parachurch ministry.

The Importance of Worker Classification Member access only

Case illustrates need to know whether workers are employees or self-employed.

Penitent Privilege When Pastors Are 'Off-Duty' Member access only

Court rules penitent privilege rules do not apply if minister is not acting as spiritual adviser.

Clergy Discrimination and the Courts Member access only

Courts will not get involved in discrimination disputes if it leads to "entanglement" of church and state.

Church Wins Religious Discrimination Case Member access only

Court rules school can't prevent religious groups from using school property if other groups meeting there have same goals.
Charitable Contributions

IRS Extends Time Limit for 1994 Charitable Contribution Substantiations Member access only

Extension results from charities often give receipts that do not comply with new laws.

Employers Not Necessarily Liable for Negligent Hiring Member access only

Court ruling applies to employees whose background check would not have revealed evidence of violent behavior.

Child Safety and Church Liability Member access only

Churches usually legally responsible for accidents only if negligence is proven.

The Risks of Hosting Exercise Classes Member access only

Churches may be legally responsible for exercise class injuries.