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Church Law & Tax Report

July/August 1996
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Feature Article

The National Child Protection Act--An Update Member access only

A few states have responded.


Liability of Churches and Denominational Agencies for the Sexual Misconduct of Ministers Member access only

A federal court issues an important ruling.
Recent Developments

Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar

Regulations for Church Signs Don't Violate First Amendment Member access only

Alabama law limits signs for all businesses, not just churches.

Pastor's Home Can't Be Included in Divorce Settlement Member access only

Home subject to 'purchase money resulting trust.'

Iowa Court Dismisses Minister's Wrongful Dismissal Suit Member access only

Civil courts usually don't review such cases at denominational agencies.

Seminary Employee's Discrimination Dismissed Member access only

Employee's position 'ministerial' and 'ecclesiastical,' court says.

Age Discrimination Case Dismissed Member access only

Discussion of potential pension benefits not enough to warrant age discrimination claim.

Court Rules Vocational Training Program Violates Labor Laws Member access only

Church program employed children as young as 11 without pay.

Federal Court Rules Religious Freedom Restoration Act Constitutional Member access only

Decision overturns earlier district court ruling.

Court Won't Resolve Church Members' Dismissal Suit Member access only

To do so would involve ruling on doctrinal issues.

Church Membership Provision Not Applicable to Board Members, Court Says Member access only

Unusual ruling does not address all issues in court case.

Suit Against ELCA's Pension Board Dismissed Member access only

Case involved dispute over investment of funds in South African businesses.

Court Says Unincorporated Association Members Not Responsible for Defamatory Statements Member access only

Members hadn't authorized the statements made by other members.

Courts Approve Blue Devil Mascot, Outlaw Cross on City Seal Member access only

School's symbol meets 'secular purpose' tests; city seal's cross does not.



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The 4 Hour Legal Training Program for Church Boards

The 4 Hour Legal Training Program for Church Boards Member access only

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Reducing the Risk

Reducing the Risk Member access only

Keep your church safe from child sexual abuse.