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November/December 1996
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Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar
Charitable Contributions

Returning Donations to Bankruptcy Trustees Member access only

Federal court rules in favor of church in bankruptcy dispute.

Failure to Report Child Abuse Member access only

Court sides with church in abuse reporting case.

Legal Intervention in Church Property Dispute Member access only

Court says it lacks authority to review denominational decision.

Abuse Reporting and Penitent Privilege Member access only

Child abuse confession protected by clergy-penitent privilege, court says.

Libel and Slander Member access only

No suit for defamation without proof of 'legal malice,' court rules.

Indemnification of Corporate Officers Member access only

Many bylaws provide some financial protection for board members facing a lawsuit.

Former Employers Found Liable for Teacher's Actions at Current Job Member access only

Court finds former employers responsible because of their positive references.

Legal Ramifications of Sexual Misconduct Member access only

Court upholds lengthy conviction for molester.

Hospital Not Liable for Chaplain's Abuse Member access only

Respondeat superior' argument not valid in case, court says.

Member Can Sue Church Janitor for Injuries, Court Says Member access only

Janitor was not a member of the church.

Loss of Corporate Status Member access only

Consequences may be overturned if organization reinstates corporate status.