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Using Polygraph Exams

A recent case addresses legal concerns.

A recent case addresses legal concerns-
Mennen v. Easter Stores, 951 F. Supp. 838 (N.D. Iowa 1997)

Article summary. Churches occasionally recommend that employees take a polygraph test as a means of resolving accusations of misconduct. A federal law enacted by Congress in 1988 protects many employees from employer requests to take such tests. A recent federal case addresses the application of this law. While the case involved a secular business, it has direct relevance to churches. This feature article reviews this case and its relevance to church leaders

Have you ever considered the use of a polygraph test to resolve an internal church problem? If so, you are not alone. A number of churches have used such tests in the past, and each year many other churches consider doing so. Consider the following examples:

• Example. Church offerings are much higher when the church's bookkeeper is on ...

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