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November/December 1998
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Feature Article

When Is Compensation Too Much? New IRS Regulations Address "Intermediate Sanctions" Member access only

The IRS has issued long-awaited regulations addressing "intermediate sanctions."

Church Participation in Political Campaigns Member access only

An internal IRS document provides additional clarification - FSA 1993-0921-1 Federal Income Taxation of Churches


Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar

Recent Developments in the Supreme Court Regarding Confidential and Privileged Communications Member access only

The United States Supreme Court has issued an opinion suggesting that the clergy-penitent privilege may survive a minister's death.

Recent Developments in Federal Court Regarding Employment Practices Member access only

A federal court ruled that a church-affiliated private school could be sued by a former employee who had been dismissed for extramarital sexual relations.

Recent Developments in Louisiana Regarding Employment Practices Member access only

A federal court in Louisiana has issued an important ruling addressing the liability of a church for discriminating against a disabled person.

Recent Developments in Federal Appeals Court Regarding Insurance Member access only

A federal appeals court ruled that a church insurance policy did not provide for a legal defense of a minister who engaged in sexual relations with two members of his congregation.

Recent Developments in Ohio Regarding Libel and Slander Member access only

An Ohio court ruled that a letter addressed by a church official to "members and friends" of the church, in which he explained why the church board dismissed a church secretary, might have been defamatory.

Recent Developments in Arizona Regarding Marriage and Divorce Member access only

An Arizona court upheld the validity of a marriage despite a number of technical violations of state law.

Recent Developments in Louisiana Regarding Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities Member access only

A Louisiana court ruled that a church was liable for injuries sustained by a youth group member who was struck by a vehicle while crossing a busy street.

Recent Developments in Wisconsin Regarding Sexual Misconduct by Clergy and Church Workers Member access only

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that a Catholic Diocese could not be sued as a result of an alleged sexual relationship that began when a woman began a counseling relationship with a priest who served as a hospital chaplain and counselor.



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