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January/February 2001
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2001 Standard Mileage Rate  Subscriber access only

Clergy—Removal - Part 1 Subscriber access only

An Indiana court ruled that a majority of a "congregational" church's members had the legal authority to determine whether or not to retain their pastor.

Clergy—Removal - Part 2 Subscriber access only

A Georgia court ruled that it was prevented from resolving a pastor's claim that denominational rules were violated when he was transferred to a new parish.

Clergy—Removal - Part 3 Subscriber access only

A Pennsylvania court ruled that a church board lacked the authority to remove a pastor because the church was "hierarchical" in nature.

Embezzlement Subscriber access only

A North Carolina court affirmed the conviction of a pastor for obtaining church funds by false pretenses.

Employment Practices - Part 1 Subscriber access only

An Ohio court ruled that a church school had not violated age discrimination law by dismissing an unmarried male teacher and female teacher who were living together.

Employment Practices - Part 2 Subscriber access only

The Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled that a church was not liable on the basis of negligent supervision or negligent retention for harassing telephone calls made by its janitor.

Freedom of Religion Subscriber access only

A federal appeals court ruled that a religious group could not use public school property for religious services because the property was not a "public forum.”

Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities Subscriber access only

An Oregon court affirmed the criminal conviction of a man for "stalking" a woman on church property.

Unincorporated Churches Subscriber access only

A Colorado court ruled that an officer of a nonprofit unincorporated association was not personally liable for compensation that the association had failed to pay to former employees.



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Setting Wages and Benefits for Church Staff

Setting Wages and Benefits for Church Staff Subscriber access only

This training download addresses key aspects of compensation planning for church employees.
20 Finance Questions Churches Ask

20 Finance Questions Churches Ask Subscriber access only

Richard Hammar shares his answers to 20 of the most widely asked and relevant tax and finance questions for church leaders.