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Church Law & Tax Report

January/February 2003
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Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar
Church Names

Trademarking a Church Name Member access only

A federal appeals court ruled that the registered trademark “Church of the Creator” was a descriptive rather than a “generic” mark that was entitled to legal protection.

Church Property Member access only

A Connecticut court ordered a national church to return control of a local church to the congregation.

Clergy—Removal Member access only

A federal court in Texas ruled that the first amendment prohibited it from resolving a wrongful dismissal and “racketeering” claim brought by a pastor against his denomination.
New Jersey
Charters, Constitutions, and Bylaws; First Amendment; Officers, Directors, and Trustees

First Amendment Bars the Civil Courts from Intervening in Church Elections Member access only

A New Jersey court ruled that a trial court acted improperly in overseeing a church business meeting and the election of a pastor.