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November/December 2005
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Child Abuse Reporting Subscriber access only

A Texas court ruled that the clergy-penitent privilege did not prevent a minister from testifying against a church member in a child molestation prosecution.

Privacy Subscriber access only

An Illinois court ruled that it was not barred by the First Amendment from resolving a pastor's "invasion of privacy" lawsuit.

Changes in the 2005 Standard Mileage Rates Subscriber access only

The business mileage rate increases from 40.5 cents per mile for the first eight months of 2005 to 48.5 cents per mile for the last four months of 2005.

Church Membership Subscriber access only

A North Carolina court ruled that the civil courts are barred by the First Amendment from resolving cases involving the discipline of church members.

Church Property - Part 1 Subscriber access only

A city ordinance requiring a church to "tap in" to a city sewer line, at a substantial cost, did not violate the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) or the First Amendment.

Church Property - Part 2 Subscriber access only

A California court ruled that a disruptive church member’s legal rights were not violated by a court order banning her from church property.

Church Property - Part 3 Subscriber access only

A California court ruled that a trial court’s order prohibiting an abusive 84-year-old church member from entering church property was reasonable and valid.

Confidential and Privileged Communications Subscriber access only

An Arizona court ruled that a woman's confession of a crime, communicated to a volunteer music minister at her church in an email, was not protected by the clergy-penitent privilege.

Employment Practices - Part 1 Subscriber access only

A former female chaplain at a Catholic University was barred by the so-called “ministerial exception” from suing the University for sex discrimination.

Employment Practices - Part 2 Subscriber access only

False information provided on an application for employment may constitute grounds for termination.

Defamation Subscriber access only

A Florida court ruled that a pastor could sue two members of his church for defamation as a result of statements they made during a church business meeting.

Personal Injuries on Church Property and During Church Activities Subscriber access only

A Texas court ruled that a church was not liable, on the basis of negligent supervision.

Natural Disasters and the Tax Law Subscriber access only

Some tax consequences of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.



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Protecting Your Church from Crime and Violence

Protecting Your Church from Crime and Violence  Subscriber access only

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Church IT Subscriber access only

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