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Immigration Law and the Church

How to welcome the stranger, legally.

Immigration Law and the Church

Immigration has been a hot topic in the United States for years. When Arizona proposed its tough new immigration enforcement law earlier this year, it sparked a firestorm between the federal government and Arizona, as well as among citizens across America. Before we move into the details on what churches need to know about immigration law as it relates to welcoming undocumented immigrants into church and recruiting them to work or volunteer, it's important to understand the context in which this issue is being played out.


In April 2010, the state of Arizona proposed one of the toughest immigration enforcement laws—SB 1070. This Senate Bill requires individuals to carry proof of citizenship at all times. It gives local police the power to question individuals about their immigrant status even if they are stopped for a routine offense, such as a traffic violation. Arizona ...

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Immigration & the Church
Immigration & the Church
Keep your church safe and legal and as you strive to serve the immigrant communities in your context.