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Stacking Up Electronics in the Church

Gadgets present legal, tax issues for leaders.

For most church employees, electronic communications via cell phone calls, text messaging, and e-mails have become an indispensable tool for both business and personal use. But few church leaders have a clear understanding of the legal and tax issues associated with these forms of communication. This article will explore the following issues:

  1. church liability for employees' negligent driving
  2. criminal liability for sexually explicit messages
  3. employer inspection of electronic communications
  4. application of the clergy-penitent privilege
  5. the "admissions against interest" exception to the hearsay rule
  6. sexual harassment
  7. the tax implications of cell phone use
  8. FLSA
  9. OSHA
  10. cyberattacks

Issue #1: Church Liability for Employees' Distracted Driving

There is no doubt that cell phones are a tremendous convenience, and make pastors and other church staff members accessible in the event of emergencies. But the use of ...

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