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July/August 2012
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Feature Article

Robert's Rules of Order Member access only

Your church's guide to the latest updates.


Church Law & Tax Report Celebrates 25 Years Member access only

Times and technology change, but the mission remains the same.

Preventing Flare-Ups with Wi-Fi Hotspots Member access only

What churches should know about the legal liabilities of wireless access.

EEOC Issues Guidance on Background Checks Member access only

What churches should note for screening policy.

Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar
Bankruptcy; Charitable Contributions

Tithing When You're Bankrupt Member access only

Can bankruptcy trustees recover charitable contributions made by bankrupt debtors?
Charters, Constitutions, and Bylaws; Church Members

Court Intervention in Church Legal Disputes Member access only

If religious doctrine is involved, courts typically won't intervene in governance disputes.
Employment Practices

Discriminating Against Obese Employees Member access only

Court rules that severe obesity is a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Discretionary Funds; Embezzlement

Use of Discretionary Funds for Personal Purposes Member access only

Misuse of church funds can lead to legal problems.

Performing "Religious" Marriage Ceremonies Member access only

Risks of officiating at "religious" marriages that don't comply with state law.
Denominations - Legal Liability; Retirement Plans

Liability for Retirement Fund Losses Member access only

Protect your retirement fund and its governing board from liability for losses.


Q&A: Do We Have to Pay Overtime? Member access only

The Fair Labor Standards Act does not allow averaging of hours over two or more weeks.