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Church Law & Tax Report

March/April 2012
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Feature Article

What the "Ministerial Exception" Ruling Means for Churches  Member access only

The implications of the Supreme Court's unanimous decision


Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar

Understanding the Clergy-Penitent Privilege Member access only

Not all conversations with a pastor are protected against future disclosure.
South Carolina
Board Members - Removal; Defamation; Minutes

Defamation Claim Against Church Member access only

Courts may resolve church disputes if they can do so without inquiring into church doctrine.
Denominations - Legal Liability

Termination of Free Counseling for an Abuse Victim Member access only

Consequences of stopping counseling payments.

Church Insurance: Investigation Cooperation Requirements Member access only

Be aware of what your insurance policy requires.
Taxation - Church Property

Tax Exemption for Church-Owned Land Member access only

Land that is used for recreational activities may qualify for exemption from taxation.
New York

Pastor's Sexual Misconduct Member access only

Is the church responsible?
Taxation - Church Property

Failure to File for Property Tax Exemption Member access only

Property tax exemptions can't be granted retroactively.
Denominations - Legal Liability; Retirement Plans

Legal Liability When a Pension Plan Fails Member access only

Denominations could be responsible for failure to provide for plan members.
Denominations - Legal Liability

Vicarious Liability Member access only

Can a school be sued for the molestation of a student?
Board Members - Removal; Defamation; Minutes

Employee Injured While Commuting to Work Member access only

Does workers' compensation apply?
Church Property; Dissolution; Excess Benefit Transactions

When a Church Dissolves Member access only

Distribution of assets raises an array of legal and tax issues requiring legal counsel.


Q&A: Are We Legally Required to Verify a Housing Allowance is Fair?

Q&A: Are We Legally Required to Verify a Housing Allowance is Fair?  Member access only

The answer is no, and several reasons explain why.