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Church Law & Tax Report

September/October 2013
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Feature Article

The Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Rulings

The Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Rulings Member access only

How these key decisions do—and don't—affect churches and clergy.


Does the New Obamacare Notice Requirement Apply to Churches?

Does the New Obamacare Notice Requirement Apply to Churches? Member access only

Compliance applies to all employers covered under FLSA.
ECFA Sets Higher Standards for Compensation, Transactions

ECFA Sets Higher Standards for Compensation, Transactions Member access only

Why all churches should consider following these steps for pay and related-party deals.
Mastering Minutes for Church Business Meetings

Mastering Minutes for Church Business Meetings Member access only

Why this task can't continue to be an afterthought for leaders.

Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches, with Richard R. Hammar

Church-related School Required to Pay Benefits to Unemployed Principal Member access only

Pennsylvania court ruled that because school was separately incorporated from church, it was not exempt from paying unemployment benefits.
Sexual Misconduct by Clergy, Lay Employees, and Volunteers

Church Not Liable for Molestation Member access only

Church had no prior knowledge of molestation by nursery worker.
Invasion of Privacy

Federal Court Rules Invasion of Privacy Member access only

Employer viewing employee's Facebook page without permission is sued by employee.
Freedom of Religion

"Off-campus" Religious Instruction Doesn't Violate First Amendment Member access only

Federal court rules religious program giving academic credit not a violation of the prohibition of an establishment of religion.
Defamation; Fiduciary Duty

Church Member Sues Pastor for Defamation Member access only

Pastor sued for making widespread allegations that a church member was homosexual.
Church Members

Federal Court Barred from Resolving Dismissed Member's Lawsuit  Member access only

Ex-member unable to sue church leaders for misappropriation of church funds.


Q&A: How Do We Handle an Application Answer that Changes? Member access only

A volunteer candidate no longer mentions a pornography addiction.