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Should Small Churches Worry about Protecting Names?

One small church's trademark fight with Adidas suggests yes.

Often, trademarking and protecting intellectual property seems like a "big church" affair. It requires lawyers, money, and time that smaller churches might not have. But protecting your church's name and logos, regardless of your size, may be a wise decision. In fact, it may benefit your church to protect items before it grows any larger.

Consider this recent case:

Christian Faith Fellowship Church, a small congregation near Chicago, trademarked the phrase "ADD A ZERO" in 2006 as a way of encouraging those who purchased something from its small store or tithed to the church to "add a zero" to the total amount. The church publicly said the phrase was a "prophetic word spoken to [its] congregation in the early 2000s, in an effort to raise money for the building fund, food pantry …"

In 2009, Adidas, the sporting goods retailer, tried to register ...

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  • June 26, 2014

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