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Mastering Reference Checks for Churches

Addressing 15 common questions to reduce ministry vulnerabilities.

The Value of References

The use of references has increased significantly in recent decades as employers seek to manage their risk of liability based on "negligent selection" of workers with insufficient assessment. Perhaps the most common reason that churches use references is to minimize the risk of liability for the sexual molestation of minors by church workers. If used correctly, reference checks can reduce the risk of child abuse, and a church's liability for incidents of abuse that occur.

A holistic screening practice typically includes a written application, a criminal background check, an interview, and reference checks. This article will respond to 15 common questions that arise when a church either solicits, or responds to, a reference.

1. What is a reference?

The word "reference" is commonly used to describe either a person providing an assessment of another's ...

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  • February 19, 2015

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