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January/February 2016
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Feature Article

Ten Tax Developments Your Church Must Know

Ten Tax Developments Your Church Must Know Member access only

How churches and clergy are affected for 2015 filings—and beyond.


Church Volunteers and Copyright Ownership

Church Volunteers and Copyright Ownership Member access only

A case illustrates what churches own—and don’t own.
Liability for Positive References

Liability for Positive References Member access only

Churches can face liability for recommending former employees known for misconduct.



Experience a whole new way to set compensation. Eliminate the guesswork – get access to detailed compensation reports in just minutes.

How Churches Spend Their Money: 2019 Executive Report

How Churches Spend Their Money: 2019 Executive Report Member access only

This report will give you an inside look at how churches nationwide spend their money.
Receipts for Donors

Receipts for Donors  Member access only

16 letters and forms for providing receipts to donors for different donations.