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Illinois Conversion Therapy Ban Doesn’t Apply to Pastors
Court says pastoral counseling isn’t “trade or commerce.”

Conversion Therapy Ban Not Applicable to Pastors

"In Pastors Protecting Youth v. Madigan … an Illinois federal district court held that Illinois's Youth Mental Health Protection Act restricting conversion therapy does not apply to religious pastoral counseling. The Act bars mental health providers from offering conversion therapy to minors and prohibits anyone from deceptively offering conversion therapy in trade or commerce. The court concluded that private religious counseling is not 'trade or commerce'" ("Illinois Conversion Therapy Ban Does Not Apply to Religious Pastoral Counseling," Religion Clause).

North Carolina Approves Weapons Bill for Certain Churches

"The state House approved a bill … that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon at certain churches. Republican Representative Rena Turner says a local church's leaders approached her after the shooting at Emanuel AME in Charleston (SC). They said their security team would like to be able to carry a handgun. 'And, after that shooting in Charleston, they were just very concerned about their safety and feeling vulnerable,' Turner said. But some pastors say this goes too far and goes against what they preach at church. [Turner's] bill would allow someone to carry a concealed weapon at a site where there's both church services and a school—but only during hours when school is not in session. Schools that allow churches to use their buildings could still keep a no-gun policy" ("NC House approves concealed handgun option for church services on campus," WNCN.com).

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