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Eight Legal Considerations for Church Membership

From voting rights to discipline, a closer look at why membership matters.

Eight Legal Considerations for Church Membership

Many churches have abandoned membership as an outdated relic incompatible with effective governance in a modern world. Perhaps your church is considering doing so. If so, there are several advantages of church membership that should be considered in making an informed decision. Eight advantages are described in this article.

Key point.Church members have such legal authority as is vested in them by their church's governing documents, and in some cases by state nonprofit corporation law.
Any discussion of church membership must begin with a definition of membership.For the first several centuries of church history, membership was an ecclesial rather than a legal status. The few isolated references in the New Testament to membership fail to define the term, and seem to refer to baptized individuals of a common confession or faith. Church membership became more formalized in the ...

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