Legal Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches
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Workers' Compensation Sole Remedy for Sexually Assaulted Employee Member access only

Workers Compensation

Court Rules Workers’ Compensation Insurance Is Exclusive Benefit for Job-Related Injuries

Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities; Workers Compensation

Volunteer Worker Injured on Church Property Not Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Member access only

Workers Compensation

Churches and Revoking Pension Member access only

Clergy - Removal; Compensation and Benefits; Employment Practices

First Amendment Leaves Room for Employee Lawsuits Member access only


Overtime Pay for Work-Related Smartphone Use Member access only

Compensation; Employment Practices; Fair Labor Standards Acts; Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay

Minimum Wage and Overtime

Compensation; Compensation and Benefits; Overtime Pay

Compensation Dispute Member access only


Breach of Contract and the Ministerial Exception Member access only

Compensation and Benefits; Employment Practices

Clergy Compensation Disputes Member access only

Compensation and Benefits

Church Employee Fired After Raising Objections to Financial Policies Member access only

Compensation; Employment Practices

Former Pastor Sues Church for Breach of Compensation Agreement Member access only

Clergy - Removal; Compensation

Denominational Agency Employee Sues for National Origin Discrimination Member access only

Compensation; Employment Practices

Workers Compensation Benefits

Employment Practices; Workers Compensation

Failing to Report Compensation Member access only

Compensation and Benefits; Income Taxes - Clergy; Payroll Tax Reporting

Pastor An Employee, Court Rules Member access only

Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation and "Charitable Work Program" Employees Member access only

Workers Compensation

Performance-Based Employee Bonuses Member access only


Medical Insurance Premiums as Taxable Compensation Member access only


Pension Funds and Bankruptcy Member access only

Compensation; Retirement Plans