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Issues that affect ministers and churches
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Secular Income and Vows of Poverty Member access only

Aurora Movie Theater Could Be Liable for 2012 Shooting Member access only

Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities

Pollution Exclusion in Insurance Policy Prevents Lawsuit Member access only


Church Agency Not Liable for Nudity in Video as Harassment  Member access only

Sexual Harassment

Ministerial Exemption Bars Court's Ruling in Music Director's Dismissal Member access only

Clergy - Removal; Employment Practices

Boy Scouts Had Legal Duty to Disclose Molestation Member access only

Denominations - Legal Liability; Sexual Misconduct by Clergy, Lay Employees, and Volunteers

Church Sued for Supervisor's Sexual Harassment Member access only

Employment Practices; Sexual Harassment

Synagogue Not Liable for Thousands of Dollars in Penalties Member access only

Income Taxes - Clergy

"Off-campus" Religious Instruction Doesn't Violate First Amendment Member access only

Freedom of Religion

Federal Court Barred from Resolving Dismissed Member's Lawsuit  Member access only

Church Membership

Donor Denied $25,000 Charitable Deduction

Inspection of Church Membership Lists Member access only

Church Members; Privacy

15-Employee Requirement for Churches Member access only

Employment Practices; Sexual Harassment

The IRS Addresses the "Neighborhood Land Rule" Member access only

Taxation - Church Property

Beware of Fundraising Schemes Member access only


Sex Offender Sentenced to Life Term of Supervised Release Member access only

Child Abuse

Avoiding Defamation Lawsuits Member access only

Defamation; Invasion of Privacy

Substantiating a Charitable Contribution Member access only

Charitable Contributions

Don't Take Mileage Logs Lightly

Legal Enforceability of Release Forms Member access only

21–40 of 230 MATCHes
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