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Issues that affect ministers and churches
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Criminal Liability for Reliance on Prayer to Cure a Child Member access only

Donors' Restrictions in Church Property Deeds Member access only

Church Property; Church Property Disputes

Display of Religious Student Artwork Member access only


IRS Commissioner's Annual Report Released Member access only

Annual Report of the Social Security Board of Trustees Released Member access only

Employers May Not Be Withholding Enough Taxes Member access only

Tax Exemption of Church Parking Lots Member access only

Church Property

Tax Exemption of Boarding School Dormitories Member access only


Lawsuits Against Unincorporated Churches Member access only

Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities

Man's Attempt to Give Money to Minister Challenged in Court Member access only

Charitable Contributions; Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Law Firm Sued for Copyright Infringement Member access only


Charities as Life Insurance Beneficiaries Member access only

Charitable Contributions

Child Care Worker, Dismissed for Striking Child, Sues Former Employer Member access only

Breach of Contract; Child Abuse

False Accusations of Child Abuse Member access only

Child Abuse; Child Abuse Reporting

Members' Right to Challenge Sale of Church Assets Member access only

Church Property; Officers, Directors, and Trustees

Disputes Over Congregational Churches' Property Member access only

Church Property; Church Property Disputes; Officers, Directors, and Trustees

Churches and "Landmark" Laws Member access only

Church Property

Performance-Based Employee Bonuses Member access only


Medical Insurance Premiums as Taxable Compensation Member access only


Avoiding Lottery Taxes Member access only

Charitable Contributions
1681–1700 of 2207 MATCHes
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12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers

12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers Member access only

Essential knowledge to ensure legal and financial clarity and integrity in ministry.
Sex Offenders in the Church

Sex Offenders in the Church Member access only

Legal and safety concerns to address when dealing with a sex offender.