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Reprint Permissions

  • Reprint Permission & Special Use Inquiry

Reprint Permission & Special Use Inquiry

The web-only articles and resources created by the Church Law & Tax Team of Christianity Today are available to members and ChurchLawAndTaxStore.com customers. Below are several common questions regarding our permissions policy and the process for a special use inquiry.

Can we make copies of articles in ChurchLawAndTax.com or related resources, either in digital (PDF) format or print, to share with others?

As a member or customer who as purchased our resources, you are welcome to make copies for staff members for internal office use, which is defined as all who work at the same location in the same building. Permission is granted provided:

  • The content is not edited from the original version,
  • The copies are distributed without charge (including tuition or an entrance fee), and
  • The following credit line is inserted: Copyright [Year] Christianity Today. Used with permission. For additional information on keeping your church safe, legal, and financially sound visit ChurchLawAndTax.com and ChurchLawAndTaxStore.com.

You are in violation of copyright law when you make copies for individuals who are outside your internal office. For example, you cannot make copies for a client, members of a denomination, group of churches, or a parachurch organization.

If you would like to make Church Law & Tax resources available to these groups, a special use agreement is required. To submit your request for review, click here.

Can I email articles that I find on ChurchLawAndTax.com to someone else, such as a staff member, clients, colleagues, or a friend?

You can email a link to a specific article from ChurchLawAndTax.com, however, if the recipient is not a member with access to the locked content, he or she will only be allowed to read a portion of the article. If you cut and paste the article into an email, you are violating the terms of agreement and copyright law.

Can we reprint articles from ChurchLawAndTax.com or related books in our newsletter or other publications?

No, that is a violation of copyright law. To reprint articles you would need a special use agreement. To begin that process, click here.

We are a professional office and have purchased a membership to ChurchLawAndTax.com. With whom can we share the password?

Membership privileges for law offices, CPA firms, professional organizations, businesses, denominational agencies and parachurch ministries are limited strictly to paid employees who work together in a single building. Commercial use of Church Law & Tax material is prohibited.

The following examples clarify the appropriate use of the membership privileges.

Example 1. A law office purchases an Annual Membership. An attorney in the office has a church client. The attorney cannot share access to the website with the client. The client must obtain its own membership account. All attorneys and paid employees in the firm who work in the same building may access the site.

Example 2. A Diocese and a denominational agency each purchase an Annual Membership. They cannot share the Password and ID with any missionary, congregation, or parish within their jurisdiction. Nor can they reprint articles or any other information from the site and distribute it in any means whatsoever to the churches with which they work. Rather, each individual congregation or parish must purchase its own individual membership.

Example 3. A parachurch organization has its headquarters in Colorado Springs. The organization also has staff members serving in other cities throughout the United States. The organization purchases an Annual Membership. Only paid employees who work at the Colorado Springs headquarters can access the site. Staff members, who work in other cities, or even in other locations in Colorado Springs, must obtain their own membership accounts.

We are a local church and have purchased a membership to ChurchLawAndTax.com. With whom can we share the Password?

Your membership provides access for everyone in the church, including clergy, board members, a church treasurer, paid staff, volunteer workers, and any other member of a single, local congregation or parish. If you meet together, work together, and worship together at the same site, then you can use the same membership plan. Otherwise, each group needs to purchase its own membership. The following examples illustrate this principle.

Example 1. A local church purchases an Annual Membership. The pastor, board members, church treasurer, staff members, volunteer workers, and other members within the church all use the same Login and Password to obtain resources and training. This is an appropriate use of the privileges.

Example 2. Same facts as Example 1, but the church starts a mission church with twenty-five families from the congregation, and supports a new pastor for the new mission church. They allow the pastor of the new church to use their Login and Password to gain access to the website. This is a violation of the membership privileges. The new congregation must obtain its own membership account.

Can I post an article from ChurchLawAndTax.com on my website?

We do not grant permission for our articles to appear on other websites. However, we would be happy for you to place a title, deck, short excerpt of 100 words or less, and link on your site to the articles you would like your others to see.

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