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Denominational Leaders

Continuing education for ministry leaders
Denominational Leaders
Weekly Lessons, created and written by Richard R. Hammar, J.D., LL.M., CPA, give you a basic legal overview of essential topics based on staff or volunteer positions within a church.

This Week's LessonWeek of September 15

Church Vans - Part 1


This week we turn our attention to Part 1 of Church Vans. Start by completing the following quiz. Then review the Executive Summary for the key points on this topic, or read the Weekly Lesson for a complete discussion of this topic.

A regional denominational agency owns a 15-passenger van. The agency approves the use of the van for an overnight trip by a youth group. The youth leader is the designated driver for the trip, and the van is loaded with 14 teenagers. Because there is no room to store luggage, the van roof is used for storage. In addition, the van pulls a large trailer. At 4 AM, while the van is maintaining a speed of 70 miles per hour in a rain shower, the back wheels hydroplane and drop off the road. When the youth leader attempts to drive the van back onto the road by jerking the steering wheel, he loses control and the van rolls over, killing three occupants. Some ...

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