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Week of April 28

Release Forms

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Consent Forms


Our lesson this week examines the topic of Consent Forms. The Executive Summary provides a concise review of the key points. Before we get started, test your knowledge by completing the following quiz.

A church youth group is planning a 2-week missions trip to New York City. The group will engage in inner city ministry, as well as recreational trips to the beach. The youth pastor is wondering if he should have parents sign a form that consents to their children's participation on the trip, and authorizes the administration of emergency medical treatment in the event they cannot be located.

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Executive Summary

A consent form is a document signed by a parent that consents to the participation by their child in a church-sponsored activity or trip. A consent form is different from a "release of liability" form. Many churches incorporate other provisions into a consent form, such as a consent to the administration of emergency medical services in the event that the parents cannot be located. Consent forms are the subject of this week's lesson.

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