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Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting LawsMandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws  Member access only

State by state laws to report child abuse.
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Confronting Peer Abuse in Your Church

Confronting Peer Abuse in Your Church Confronting Peer Abuse in Your Church  Member access only

Learn how to watch and protect the children under your care from peer abuse at church.
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Sex Offenders in the Church

Sex Offenders in the ChurchSex Offenders in the Church  Member access only

Legal and safety concerns to address when dealing with a sex offender.
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Reducing the Risk

Reducing the RiskReducing the Risk

Keep your church safe from child sexual abuse.
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Dealing with Dangerous People

Dealing with Dangerous PeopleDealing with Dangerous People  Member access only

This resource goes through safety measures to ward off dangerous individuals from entering your church.
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Child Sexual Abuse Response Plan

Child Sexual Abuse Response PlanChild Sexual Abuse Response Plan  Member access only

Put a plan into action to prevent child sexual abuse from happening in your church.
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