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Nonprofit Financial Oversight

Nonprofit Financial OversightNonprofit Financial Oversight  Member access only

The concise and complete guide for boards and finance committees
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Talking to Your Congregation About Money

Talking to Your Congregation About MoneyTalking to Your Congregation About Money  Member access only

Helpful insights on talking about money and encouraging people to become generous givers.
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How Churches Spend Their Money: 2019 Executive Report

How Churches Spend Their Money: 2019 Executive ReportHow Churches Spend Their Money: 2019 Executive Report  Member access only

This report will give you an inside look at how churches nationwide spend their money.
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Church IT

Church ITChurch IT  Member access only

Learn how to find the best solutions when choosing software and hardware for your church.
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Church Finance

Church FinanceChurch Finance

Learn about budgeting, financial reporting, tax compliance, insurance coverage, and more.
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Best Practices for Technology Usage

Best Practices for Technology UsageBest Practices for Technology Usage

Establish policies and best practices to govern the use of technology for church staff.
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Your Guide to Employee Handbooks

Your Guide to Employee HandbooksYour Guide to Employee Handbooks  Member access only

If updated regularly, an employee handbook can offer valuable legal protection against civil court claims made by disgruntled staff members.
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Understanding Wage and Hour Laws

Understanding Wage and Hour LawsUnderstanding Wage and Hour Laws  Member access only

Learn about the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it applies to churches.
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Avoiding Church Lawsuits

Avoiding Church LawsuitsAvoiding Church Lawsuits  Member access only

Create proactive procedures to avoid common reasons why churches most often go to court.
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