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When Are Church Employment Practices Subject to the ADA? Member access only

Understanding the church’s employer duties and avoiding potential landmines.
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Churches and the Americans with Disabilities Act

How compliance helps churches welcome all people—including individuals with disabilities.
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Build For Efficiency Member access only

Keeping your dream facility from becoming an annual budget nightmare.
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Prepare the Way  Member access only

Practical ways to make your church accessible to all.
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Simple Tips for Improving Access and Safety for Elderly Adults

Minor adjustments can remove many barriers to church involvement.
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Simple Tips to Making Your Church Accessible

It's essential you know how to get people in and around your facilities with ease.
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Is Your Church Prepared to Host a Large Event?

Assessment: Use this quiz to assess your preparedness.
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Recent Developments in Louisiana Regarding Employment Practices Member access only

A federal court in Louisiana ruled that a church school did not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act by not rehiring a teacher who had to temporarily quit her job because of pregnancy-related varicose veins.
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