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Understanding Labor Laws

Understanding Labor Laws

Regulations that pertain to hiring, firing, paying, disciplining, and supervising ministry employees.

Simple Tips for Launching a Business at Church Member access only

Starting a business at your church can be a powerful draw and provide an often surprising outreach opportunity.
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Is Our Church Food and Kitchen Safe?

Assessment: Take this quiz before you host your next potluck.
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Surviving a Church Financial Audit Member access only

Field-tested tips from a CPA.
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Drawing the Line on Danger

What to do when someone dangerous enters the church.
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Do You Follow the Fair Labor Standards Act?

Assessment: This quiz will help you determine how well you follow the guidelines from the U.S Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.
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Maintaining Safe Levels of Cash Reserves Member access only

How much is enough?
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Creating a "Paid Time Off" Policy Member access only

What legal and procedural issues do churches need to know before implementing a PTO program?
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Dissolution of Church's Personal Property Member access only

How can our church be sure that the donated assets from another church are legally transferable?
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Winter Transportation

How to avoid the increased driving risks of winter.
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Business Savvy, Church Sensitive

How—and when—business world practices can aid HR at churches.
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Enforcing Restraining Orders Member access only

What is our church's responsibility when presented with a restraining order?
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How Secure Is Your Church's Current System?

Assessment: Take this quiz to find out.
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Sexual Harassment in Youth Ministry Member access only

What information do I need to know to file a lawsuit against my former youth minister?
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Starting a Free Legal Clinic Member access only

What do our church and the attorneys need to know?
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Medicaid and the Return of Donor Dollars Member access only

What are the financial implications for churches with Medicaid's five year look-back period?
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Do We Know When to Hire an Attorney?

Assessment: Take this True/False quiz to find out.
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Five Characteristics of a Successful Food Pantry

Assessment: Ways to gauge your food pantry's success.
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State Day Care Licensing Member access only

State requirements may vary.
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Maximize Your Time Outside Member access only

Make the most of the great outdoors by following these safety ideas.
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New Faces? No Problem! Member access only

A church in a transient community goes far to protect the children in its care.
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