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Managing Church Facility Use

Managing Church Facility Use

Find insights to equip your church to host members and strangers.

Is Our Team Ready to Plant a Church?

Assessment: Before you break ground, take this free quiz to make sure you're planning accordingly.
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The Great Green Question for Churches

Hype or sound economics? Experts weigh environment-sustainable building practices.
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Accessible for All Ages Member access only

As the number of senior citizens grows, churches work to accommodate needs
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It's a Church, Not an Ark Member access only

Tips for keeping wildlife out of your building.
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Rental of Church Facilities Member access only

Does charging money for ministry space threaten our tax exempt status?
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Making Improvements to Pastor-Owned Property Member access only

Can we build an outdoor gazebo for the church's use on the pastor's property?
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Accounting for Rising Construction Costs Member access only

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State Day Care Licensing Member access only

State requirements may vary.
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The Real Hazards of Asking People to Help Member access only

Ways to reduce the risk of accidents on church work projects.
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Developing a Policy for Outside Groups Member access only

Create clear understandings for facility use.
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Energy Efficiency Pays Off Member access only

Being a good steward of the planet's resources is financially beneficial.
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Reducing Accidents in Maintenance and Construction Projects Member access only

Discover the importance of a safety supervisor.
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Hosting Large Events at Your Church Member access only

The risks and rewards of inviting big groups.
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Preventing Arson Member access only

What your church can do to avoid becoming a statistic.
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Reducing the Risk of Vandalism

Identify and eliminate opportunities for vandalism.
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Befriend Police, Reduce Crime Member access only

Your top theft prevention tool may wear blue.
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Prepare the Way  Member access only

Practical ways to make your church accessible to all.
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Can Technology Help Prevent Crime and Violence at Church? Member access only

Pros and cons of security technology.
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Building with Security in Mind Member access only

Security elements to consider when designing a new building.
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