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12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers

12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers

Essential knowledge to ensure legal and financial clarity and integrity in ministry.
Top 10 Documents for Church Treasurers

Top 10 Documents for Church Treasurers Subscriber access only

What you don't know can hurt you
Church Law & Tax Report

Recent Developments in Florida Regarding Clergy Removal Subscriber access only

A Florida court ruled that a church board properly removed a pastor without a congregational vote.
Church Law & Tax Report

Recent Developments in Iowa Regarding Constitutions, Bylaws, and Charters Subscriber access only

The Iowa Supreme Court suggested that it was barred by the first amendment guaranty of religious freedom from resolving a dispute involving the interpretation of church bylaws, but it refused to dismiss the case on procedural ground.
Church Law & Tax Report

Recent Developments in the District of Columbia Regarding Church Business Meetings Subscriber access only

A District of Columbia court of appeals ruled that the first amendment prevented it from resolving a lawsuit by a purported church member who claimed that the election of a pastor at a church business meeting was invalid because it was in violation of procedural requirements mandated by the District of Columbia nonprofit corporations law.
Church Law & Tax Report

Recent Developments in Maryland Regarding Church Elections Subscriber access only

A Maryland court ruled that a church dispute over an election did not have to be arbitrated but could be resolved by a civil court.
Church Law & Tax Report

Robert's Rules of Order Subscriber access only

Your church's guide to the latest updates.
Church Law & Tax Report

Removal of Church Board Members Subscriber access only

If a church neglects to address an issue in its governing documents, state nonprofit corporation law will provide the answer.
Church Law & Tax Report

Constitutions, Bylaws and Charters Subscriber access only

Church Law & Tax Report

Amendment of Church Documents Subscriber access only

A court ruled that a church's articles of incorporation could not be amended without the pastor's approval.
Church Law & Tax Report

Church Treasurers' Authority to Sign Contracts Subscriber access only

A Massachusetts court recently ruled on this issue.
Church Law & Tax Report

Church Property and Withdrawal from a Denomination Subscriber access only

A local church may lose its property upon leaving its denomination.
Church Law & Tax Report

Definition of "Church" for Purposes of Civil Law Subscriber access only

Some organizations may be labeled "religious" even if they exist for charitable purposes.
1–13 of 13 matches

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