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Protecting Your Church from Crime and Violence

Protecting Your Church from Crime and Violence

Assess the security of your church and learn how to prevent crime.

Drawing the Line on Danger

What to do when someone dangerous enters the church.
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Protect Your Church From Data Loss or Theft Member access only

Simple steps you can take.
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Responding to Transients Member access only

Protect the safety of your church staff.
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Securing the Faithful Member access only

What New Life Church did right when a gunman showed up in its parking lot.
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Sexual Misconduct at Church Member access only

National survey results may prompt churches to draft policies.
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Staying Above Reproach Member access only

7 rules to help volunteer leaders protect themselves and the kids they serve.
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Preventing Arson Member access only

What your church can do to avoid becoming a statistic.
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Reducing the Risk of Vandalism

Identify and eliminate opportunities for vandalism.
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Befriend Police, Reduce Crime Member access only

Your top theft prevention tool may wear blue.
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Can Technology Help Prevent Crime and Violence at Church? Member access only

Pros and cons of security technology.
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5 Steps for Building a Volunteer Safety and Security Team Member access only

A church administrator creates a sustainable, long-term solution.
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Screening Teen Workers Member access only

How to select safe volunteers without a background check.
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Why Your Church Needs Counseling Policies Member access only

One case illustrates why you need to be proactive in your counseling procedures.
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The Use of Principles and Policies Member access only

Principles provide an underlying sense of direction, while policies provide specific direction.
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Evaluating Your Next Vendor

Ask key questions to avoid getting scammed.
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Building with Security in Mind Member access only

Security elements to consider when designing a new building.
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Can Social Networking Get Us Sued? Member access only

How to safeguard your church staff's use of popular communication tools.
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Avoiding Negligent Supervision Member access only

Churches can be liable for injuries sustained during church activities on the basis of negligent supervision.
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Church Finance Today

Caught on Camera Member access only

Video surveillance may reduce embezzlement, but is it an invasion of privacy?
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Church Law & Tax Report

Video Recordings as Evidence Member access only

If your church uses surveillance cameras, check with an attorney to determine what conditions apply to their use as evidence.
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