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Creating a Disaster Preparation and Response Plan

Creating a Disaster Preparation and Response Plan

Learn the steps you can take now so you are ready to respond if a crisis unfolds.

Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios Member access only

Planning for unexpected events on short-term missions here and abroad
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Do We Know How to Communicate in a Crisis?

Assessment: Is your church prepared to communicate during a crisis?
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Managing Any Crisis Member access only

While you can't know what will happen, you can know how to respond.
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Disaster and Emergency Readiness in the Local Church Member access only

Understanding the types of disasters that can impact your church.
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Drafting a Crisis Response Team Member access only

Put this task force in place today, before the crisis comes.
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Creating an Evacuation Plan Member access only

Preparing for any emergency.
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Church Law & Tax Report

Ten Legal Consequences of Terrorism  Member access only

Implications for church leaders.
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Should Your Church Have a Defibrillator? Member access only

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How to Start a Disaster Ministry Member access only

The vital steps churches can take in creating the best ministry for the worst times.
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How Churches and FEMA Can Work Together Member access only

The former head of the agency on churches’ important role in disaster response.
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Creating a Crisis Communication Plan for Your Church Member access only

Five questions every church needs to ask when preparing for emergencies.
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