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Is Our Church Prepared for Disaster?

A 10-question checklist to determine steps to take.
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Important Notice for Churches Involved in Disaster Relief

Remind donors of special higher contribution deduction limits before they expire on February 18.
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Planning and Advocating for Your Church’s Disaster Budget Member access only

An intentional process ensures ministry continues for the congregation and the community.
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What Your Church Needs to Know About Disaster Sheltering Member access only

Experts offer tips on how your church can prepare now to better serve your community after disaster strikes.
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How to Help Your Church Avoid Getting Scammed after a Hurricane

Here’s what you can do to keep vulnerable people in your care from being taken advantage of.
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Creating a Crisis Communication Plan for Your Church Member access only

Five questions every church needs to ask when preparing for emergencies.
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What Churches Need to Know About the New FEMA Disaster Aid Process

A breakdown of the options churches now have access to for disaster protection and relief.
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How Churches and FEMA Can Work Together Member access only

The former head of the agency on churches’ important role in disaster response.
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3 Ways to be a Good Neighbor to Disaster Survivors Member access only

What the Good Samaritan parable can teach us abut helping after hurricanes.
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Before a Hurricane Strikes: What You Can Do Member access only

How your church can minimize the risk of damage to property when a hurricane is heading your way.
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How Should Churches Respond to Hurricanes?

Guidance for ministries in the wake of a devastating natural disaster.
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How to Train Disaster Volunteers in Your Church Member access only

Five steps for building and preparing a disaster ministry team.
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How Your Church Can Care for Refugees Member access only

Resources to engage your church in responding to the refugee crisis.
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How to Avoid Disaster Aid Burnout Member access only

Understanding and preventing burnout equips us to serve well.
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Tips for Congregations Threatened by Wildfires Member access only

Three things your church should do right now.
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How to Provide Spiritual and Emotional Care in the Wake of Natural Disasters Member access only

Guidelines for ensuring your ministry is a blessing, not a burden, to those hurting.
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How to Start a Disaster Ministry Member access only

The vital steps churches can take in creating the best ministry for the worst times.
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When to Postpone or Cancel Church Events

Guidelines for when safety and prudence trump the church’s schedule
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How Not to Bring Relief After a Natural Disaster Member access only

Dr. Jamie Aten, disaster readiness expert and founder of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, gives guidance for churches that want to help in the wake of natural calamities.
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Disaster and Emergency Readiness in the Local Church Member access only

Understanding the types of disasters that can impact your church.
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