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Your Guide to Employee Handbooks

Your Guide to Employee Handbooks

If updated regularly, an employee handbook can offer valuable legal protection against civil court claims made by disgruntled staff members.

How Thorough Is Our Background Screening Program?

Proper screening costs very little but increases safety a great deal.
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Will Our Church Get Sued for Reopening? Member access only

How church leaders should weigh the potential legal liabilities associated with public gatherings during the pandemic.
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Can Churches Dismiss an Employee Without Cause? Member access only

Understanding the limitations of "employment at will."
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Do We Follow Sound Employment Practices?

A 12-question checklist to find out.
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Teachers at a Religious Preschool Not Considered Ministers Member access only

California Appeals Court says the four-factor test for ministerial status in Hosanna-Tabor was not satisfied.
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What the CARES Act Means for Churches and Church Staff Member access only

How to navigate the government’s $2.2 trillion stimulus plan responding to COVID-19’s economic fallout.
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An Overview of the CARES Act for Churches

Key highlights from the government’s $2.2 trillion stimulus plan responding to COVID-19.
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Are Church Employees Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

Sorting through a complex area of law as churches weigh difficult financial decisions.
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Employment Dispute Ruling Reinforces Church Decisions about Hiring and Firing Member access only

Seventh Circuit: Churches, not courts, should determine ministerial nature of roles.
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Court Dismisses Pregnancy-Related Lawsuit Brought Against Church

Judge says the facts of the case demonstrate firing was based on religious doctrine.
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Church Law & Tax Report

Requirements for Hiring Foreign Nationals at Your Church Member access only

From eligibility to site visits to records, recent headlines reiterate the need for compliance
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When the Church Office Closes for Bad Weather, Does Everyone Get Paid?

The legal—and logical—considerations regarding how to handle an office closure.
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