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50-State Religious Freedom Laws Report

50-State Religious Freedom Laws Report

A review of state laws and court decisions affecting church leaders

Supreme Court Endorses Some Aid to Parents of Religious School Students Member access only

Decision opens the door for religious schools to benefit from funds available to other kinds of schools.
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Supreme Court Rules that Title VII’s Ban on “Sex” Discrimination Includes Sexual Orientation Member access only

The significance to churches and religious schools and colleges.
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The Do's and Don'ts of Political Activities by Churches

Understanding how a church's tax-exempt status is affected—or not—when it supports or opposes candidates, distributes voter guides, advocates for certain issues, and more.
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Churches and Religious Freedoms Laws: A 50-State Survey Member access only

Orienting church leaders on the key federal and state laws and court decisions affecting religious exercise.
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What the Supreme Court’s COVID-19 Opinion Means for Church Gatherings Member access only

A deeply divided Court rejected one California church’s request to restore in-person services sooner than the state governor ordered.
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Will Our Church Get Sued for Reopening? Member access only

How church leaders should weigh the potential legal liabilities associated with public gatherings during the pandemic.
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Do We Know the Risks of Church Political Activity?

Assess whether your choices are threatening your tax-exempt status.
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Tracking Faith-Based Legal Challenges to Pandemic Orders

How federal courts nationwide are addressing religious liberty arguments by churches.
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Attorney General: Exercise of Religion Should Not Be Significantly Burdened

Statement addresses singling out religious organizations through social distancing measures.
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SBA Updated Guidance: Religious Liberty Protections Will be Provided with Loan Program

Clarification comes as applications for coronavirus-related relief for small employers begin.
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Teachers at a Religious Preschool Not Considered Ministers Member access only

California Appeals Court says the four-factor test for ministerial status in Hosanna-Tabor was not satisfied.
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Legal Considerations for Coronavirus Guidance and Church Gatherings

Government actions that impact constitutional interests must follow certain rules.
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Public Accommodation Laws Member access only

Understand how discrimination laws affect which outside groups can use church facilities.
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Latest Form 990 Exemption Challenge Dismissed on Technical Grounds

Atheist group targeting reporting exception for churches says it will resolve technical problems and try again.
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Will Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Become Illegal?

High court’s decision could have implications for the hiring and firing practices of churches.
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Supreme Court: Commemorative Cross on Public Land Did Not Offend the Constitution Member access only

Bladensburg Cross may remain, both for its religious and secular purposes, majority says.
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Atheist Organization Opts Not to Appeal Housing Allowance Ruling

Group says its arguments hold merit, but success at Supreme Court unlikely.
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