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Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability

Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability

What these documents do—and don't do—based on statutes and court decisions made nationwide.
Responding to Anonymous Allegations
Church Law & Tax Report

Responding to Anonymous Allegations Subscriber access only

An unknown party seriously accuses a church leader. What should be done?
Assumption of Risk Forms: A Legal Blind Spot for Many Churches
Church Law & Tax Report

Assumption of Risk Forms: A Legal Blind Spot for Many Churches Subscriber access only

Without careful legal review, these forms are useless to churches.
Protect Your Church From Data Loss or Theft

Protect Your Church From Data Loss or Theft Subscriber access only

Simple steps you can take.
Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets Subscriber access only

Your church must be careful with the confidential information it controls.
Right Those Copyright Wrongs

Right Those Copyright Wrongs Subscriber access only

How to know if you're stealing what belongs by law to others.
New Faces? No Problem!

New Faces? No Problem! Subscriber access only

A church in a transient community goes far to protect the children in its care.
Hire and Fire at Church

Hire and Fire at Church Subscriber access only

Learn to handle these core issues with confidence.
Responding to Transients

Responding to Transients Subscriber access only

Protect the safety of your church staff.
The Risks of Recruiting a Minor

The Risks of Recruiting a Minor Subscriber access only

Can we use volunteers who are under 18?
Clean Kids, Healthy Kids

Clean Kids, Healthy Kids Subscriber access only

Creating a healthy environment in your church nursery.
Safe on the (Play)Ground

Safe on the (Play)Ground Subscriber access only

Follow these guidelines to keep playtime as carefree as possible.
Staying Above Reproach

Staying Above Reproach Subscriber access only

7 rules to help volunteer leaders protect themselves and the kids they serve.

The Importance of Policy Manuals Subscriber access only

There's more to workplace justice than good intentions.
Preventing Arson

Preventing Arson Subscriber access only

What your church can do to avoid becoming a statistic.
Prepare for a Short-Term Missions Trip

Prepare for a Short-Term Missions Trip Subscriber access only

Practical tips to help you avoid unexpected emergencies.

Understand Insurance Terms Subscriber access only

Use these explanations to build your insurance knowledge and confidence.

Rules of Play  Subscriber access only

Here's what to look for in recreational and playground equipment.

Safe and Legal Mission Trips Subscriber access only

Consider legal and tax issues before sending a team overseas.
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1–20 of 292 matches
Page:123... 15

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