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Talking to Your Congregation About Money

Talking to Your Congregation About Money

Helpful insights on talking about money and encouraging people to become generous givers.
Pastor, Church & Law

Diversion of Church Funds Member access only

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Do We Safely Handle Our Money?

Assessment: Take this quiz to see if your church is properly protecting its finances.
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Simple Tips for Securing Your Church Finances

Learn how to prevent and respond to financial crimes.
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Are We Covered by Our Insurance?

Assessment: Evaluate your church's insurance with this quiz.
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Buying Power

Guidance churches can use for buying decisions.
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Making Comparisons Before You Buy Member access only

Eight tips your church can use when making purchases.
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High Tech, Low Budget

How one rural pastor uses technology without spending a lot.
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Asking for Big Gifts in Tough Times Member access only

Keys to securing large contributions in tight situations.
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The Persuasive Purchaser

How to approach decision-makers about big buys.
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A Better Way to Address an End-of-Year Shortfall Member access only

How to talk about end-of-year deficits—and spur giving.
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Finding Grant Funds

Grants and Gifts Might Help Outreach Efforts—But There Are Catches.
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How Two Churches Found Grants for Ministry

Church leaders discuss ins and outs of grants.
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Are We Practicing Safe Fundraising?

Assessment: Take this quiz to see if you're following best practices.
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Conscientious Objection to Social Security Member access only

When can a minister file form 4361?
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Giving Tech Its Due

How—and where—church leaders should budget for IT.
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Insurance Coverage for Offering Blood Pressure Checks at Church Member access only

Do we need special coverage beyond the liability insurance we already have?
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Distributing Church Assets Member access only

Can we give a sizable love gift to our pastor and distribute our assets to another ministry?
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Simple Guide to Internal Controls

Basic principles for protecting church finances.
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