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12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers

12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers

Essential knowledge to ensure legal and financial clarity and integrity in ministry.
Pastor, Church & Law

Meetings Member access only

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Trips to the Holy Land? Member access only

Is our church's gift to our pastor taxable?
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Achieving Accountability Member access only

Can a pastor also serve as church treasurer?
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Accounting for Sales of Pastor's Preaching Resources Member access only

What is the proper way to allocate income of sales?
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Asking for Big Gifts in Tough Times

Keys to securing large contributions in tight situations.
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The Persuasive Purchaser

How to approach decision-makers about big buys.
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Q&A: Housing Allowance Designation Member access only

Can I apply a housing allowance to an IRA?
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Finding Grant Funds

Grants and Gifts Might Help Outreach Efforts—But There Are Catches.
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How Two Churches Found Grants for Ministry

Church leaders discuss ins and outs of grants.
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Q&A: Is Our Pastor's Discretionary Account Considered Taxable Income? Member access only

Such discretionary funds are full of potential payroll and accounting pitfalls.
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Q&A: Housing Allowance Procedures for Hospital Chaplains Member access only

What is acceptable practice?
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Establishing Ministers as Self-Employed Member access only

At what point does a pastor pay Social Security?
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Conscientious Objection to Social Security Member access only

When can a minister file form 4361?
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Special Occasion Gifts Member access only

Does our pastor have to claim his gift as taxable income?
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Pastors and Church Finances Member access only

Should pastors be in charge of the church's money?
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Starting a 501(c)(3) at Church Member access only

Can our pastor launch a side ministry at our church?
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Making Improvements to Pastor-Owned Property Member access only

Can we build an outdoor gazebo for the church's use on the pastor's property?
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Planning Ahead for Pastor's Retirement Member access only

How can we take care of our senior pastor after he retires?
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