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2020 Church & Clergy Tax Guide

2020 Church & Clergy Tax Guide

Find comprehensive help understanding United States tax laws as they relate to pastors and churches.
Pastor, Church & Law

Negligence Member access only

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Is Our Church Food and Kitchen Safe?

Assessment: Take this quiz before you host your next potluck.
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Steps for Keeping Track of Children Member access only

Are there simple ways for checking in and checking out kids?
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Church Liable for Not Screening Member access only

Is a church leader liable for not screening someone they know?
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Preventing Child Abduction in Your Children's Ministry Member access only

How do we make sure every child leaves with the right adult?
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Can We Handle a Dangerous Person?

Assessment: Take this quiz to see if you're prepared.
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Disruptive People in Church Member access only

What is a church's responsibility for protecting others?
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Dealing with Sex Offenders Who Attend Church

How do we protect our members from known sex offenders?
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Concealed Weapons at Church Member access only

Should we allow our security team to carry guns?
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Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios Member access only

Planning for unexpected events on short-term missions here and abroad
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Your Church

Proper Preparation Member access only

A security professional discusses safety on short-term missions.
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State Day Care Licensing Member access only

State requirements may vary.
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Maximize Your Time Outside Member access only

Make the most of the great outdoors by following these safety ideas.
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Staying Above Reproach Member access only

7 rules to help volunteer leaders protect themselves and the kids they serve.
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Safe Church, Safe Kids Member access only

How one church creates a safe environment for kids.
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Keep Your Members Healthy Member access only

Advice for faith-based groups.
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Avoiding Food Allergies Member access only

When did snack time become a risk?
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Limiting Exposure to Employment-Related Lawsuits  Member access only

Protect your ministry from going to court over workplace issues.
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Building with Security in Mind Member access only

Security elements to consider when designing a new building.
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